Teach Your Child With the Modern Methods of Unique Teach!

Tweaking conventional methods to reach more kids & empower parents

Instead of sight methods and flashcards, some kids need to learn to read through a more problem-solving approach. The Unique Teach Reading Program for Dyslexia (in app form) has a special decoding process that works for dyslexic and other struggling readers. Try it out for free!

Kids are good at learning activities such as how to ride a bike, build with blocks, take care of pets, and other hobbies. We can teach kids academics the very same way! The How to Save a Failing Child Homeschooling Course is your Plan B when all else fails!

Mainstream teaching methods not working for your smart child? Never fear! Learn how we can tweak many common lessons to get your child learning, and also get my free eBook, 7 Secrets to Get a Dyslexic Child to Read!

The typical alphabet chart has 26 letters which is not enough to get your child reading & spelling. But you don't need separate phonics instruction! Get the sounds your child needs (letters AND phonics) organized together in one place FOR FREE!

Did you know that spelling is best taught together with reading and not as a separate subject? Rather than having kids memorize random lists of words, teach spelling in a more practical and realistic way with the Unique Teach Spell as You Read Program!

Kids like stories more than worksheets! Have your child learn math by experiencing it through a story. The Unique Teach Read & Act Math Stories provide the perfect context and picture pieces for acting out the story!

Is your child having trouble grasping a pencil, or writing letters backward? The Unique Teach Quickly Fix Your Child's Handwriting Course will show you how to fix these typical issues & teach handwriting without repetitive letter writing drills!

Struggling with homeschooling? Many homeschooling curriculums focus on what to teach but not how to do it. The Unique Teach Methods eBook presents new, updated methods that have proven successful for children who continually struggle in school. In full color.

Stuck trying to teach your child a concept? Or have a question about a product? Drop me a line, maybe I can help!

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